June 23, 2016

On Friday June 25, 1971 AT 11:42 PM George W. Ulrich was making a night deposit at the Edison Bank on Oak Tree Road in Edison. The victim was approached by two suspects who proceeded to shoot him and then flee the scene. Ulrich was taken to John F. Kennedy Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

The suspects are described as one white male in his 20s and one black male approximately 20.

Ulrich was 39 years old and lived at 124 Floyd St. in Edison. He worked at the Plainfield-Edison Drive-In Theater.

If you have any information regarding this murder please contact the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers.

Original article in the Home News on June 26, 1971:

Shot Down at Bank Making Night Deposit


EDISON — An employee of the Plainfield-Edison Drive-In Theater making a night deposit at the Edison Bank on Oak Tree Road was shot and killed last night in a bungled holdup attempt by a gunman and his accomplice.

George W. Ulrich, 39, of 124 Floyd St., was pronounced dead at 1:28 a.m. at John F. Kennedy Community Hospital from an apparent bullet wound in the heart. Two suspects, one described as a white male in his 20s and the other as black, about 20, are still at large but police have recovered the money.

The shooting occurred at about 11:40 p.m. A rapid investigation by Detectives Richard Williams and Charles Petersen under the direction of Chief John Ellmeyer and Capt. Raymond Milscik turned up several witnesses to the incident.

Ellmeyer said he was informed that, as Ulrich pulled into the driveway of the bank branch, two men emerged from tall weeds at the side of the driveway.

One of the men walked behind Ulrich`s car and grabbed the victim from behind. The other man walked in front of the car and approached Ulrich. At that point a shot rang out, according to Ellmeyer said.

The shooting aftermath was also observed by a witness in a passing car, who first heard a noise "like a large firecracker" while halted for a red light on Wood Avenue. The witness observed three men at the bank corner, and one of the men was being help up as if to keep him from falling, the witness said.

When the light changed, the witness drove past the bank and observed the man lying on the ground, but the other two had disappeared.

Ulrich, shot in the right side, was removed to Kennedy Community Hospital in by the Edison First Aid Squad.

Detectives then went to the Plainfield-Edison Drive-In Theater manager, Samuel Carrielli of Woodbridge, told them the bag which Ulrich had taken to the bank for deposit contained the night`s receipts of about $425 in cash.

At first it could not be immediately determined whether Ulrich had managed to place the bag containing the money into the night depository.

An opening if the depository was scheduled for 9 a.m. today, but police meanwhile found the money bag under a parked car at an undisclosed location.

Ellmeyer said the lock on top of the bag was still intact at the time the money was found.

June 22, 2016

On October 10, 1971 New Brunswick police responded to a call from the Parkside Hotel where they found the body of Karen Diane Stephanishen, 31. She died of injuries sustained during an attack by an unknown assailant. Stephanishen was a manager at the hotel on Albany St. in New Brunswick, but was originally from Idaho.

If you have any information regarding this homicide please contact the Middlesex Country Crime Stoppers.

June 22, 2016

On June 4, 1972 the body of a man was discovered in the trunk of a car at Vic`s Amoco Station on 278 Pershing Avenue in Carteret NJ after a strong odor and flies swarming the trunk of the car was reported. The car was a green 1971 Buick Electra. After running the registration number on the vehicle and confirming with a business partner of the suspected victim, the body was identified as that of Hilliard Brown.

Hilliard Brown was a resident of Newark NJ and is reported to have last been seen by his wife leaving his home at 46 Lyons Avenue on Wednesday, May 31, 1972 at approximately 8:30 AM.

Brown was not known to have had any enemies and his death came as a shock to everyone he knew. If you have any information in regards to this murder please contact the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers.

June 22, 2016

On March 7, 1971 at approximately 9 AM the body of Jean Wilson Day was discovered by her daughter in their home at 901 Gates Ave. in Piscataway. When police arrived they found that the 40 year old had been attacked and murdered sometime the previous night.

If you have any information regarding this murder please contact the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers.

Day was a beloved chemistry professor at Rutgers University and in her memory the University has put together a scholarship to help students. The Jean Wilson Day Scholarship is open to all students and you can read more about it and Dr. Day`s life here.

June 22, 2016

On September 2, 1970 Cathleen Carroll was found dead in her home at 62 Independence Drive, East Brunswick NJ by her husband at approximately 4:05 PM. She was last seen alive by her husband and children around 10:30 AM that same day.

Cathleen died of injuries sustained during an attack by an unknown assailant. The attacker is believed to have entered the home between the hours of 11 and 12 AM.

If you have any information in regards to this homicide please contact the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers.

June 21, 2016

On April 29, 1969 at approximately 2 AM Gilda Ryan`s body was found in her home at 8 Dolan Street in Sayreville. The mother of 3 had been stabbed to death.

If you have any information regarding this homicide please contact the Middlesex County Crimestoppers.

Original newspaper article from 1969:

Sayreville Murderer Hunted

NEW BRUNSWICK – Law enforcement officials continue to sift through clues in their search for the slayer of Mrs. Gilda Ryan, a Sayreville housewife.

Mrs. Ryan died at her home at 8 Dolan St. on April 29 after being stabbed 13 times.

Lt. William Keyes of the Middlesex County Prosecutor`s staff said the investigation is continuing with the assistance of Federal Bureau of Investigation experts and others knowledgeable in crimes of a similar nature.

The body of Mrs. Ryan, the mother of three children, was discovered on the night of the killing by Robert Lewis, 33. Since the discovery, many persons have been questioned in connection with the crime, Keyes said.

A kitchen knife, believed to be the murder weapon, was found at the scene of the murder. 


June 21, 2016

On October 5, 1970 the body of a man named Vernon Landin, 22, was found in the back seat of a car parked at the New Jersey Woodfinishing Company on Amboy Avenue in Woodbridge at approximately 9:15 AM. The vehicle was a 1967 Buick Riviera. Landin was pronounced dead on arrival from injuries suffered from an assault by an unknown assailant.

If you have any information in regards to this homicide please contact the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers.

June 21, 2016

On April 27, 1969 the body of 17 year old Linda Balabanow was found in the Raritan River near the Hess Oil Company Dock 1st Reserve Terminal  on Smith St in Keasbey NJ.

The Middlesex County Prosecutors Office has recently reopened this case and needs your help. If you have any information regarding this homicide please contact the Middlesex County Crime Stoppers.

Article from NJ.com:

NEW BRUNSWICK — Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey announced Thursday he is reopening the 47-year-old killing of Linda Balabanow, who was 17 when she disappeared on her way home from a store in Roselle and ended up in the Raritan River in Woodbridge.

Convicted killer Robert Zarinsky has been the prime suspect in Balabanow`s death since her body was found, a month after she disappeared in March 1969.

Zarinsky was just tied to a 50-year-old murder case by the Monmouth County Prosecutor`s Office Wednesday through a new analysis of DNA evidence and other evidence.

"We are going to take another look at the case," Carey said. "I have had recent discussions with Acting (Monmouth) Prosecutor Gramiccioni and am thankful to him and his staff for the information that they have shared with us. As we do with all cold cases involving homicides, we regularly review whatever new evidence may be available, and we are hopeful whenever we find another piece of the puzzle."

When Balabanow`s body floated to the surface , her skull was cracked and her jaw was broken, according to an autopsy performed in 1969. The medical examiner determined she had been killed by a ferocious blow to her head.

When detectives executed a search warrant on Zarinsky`s car in the investigation into the disappearance of Rosemary Calandriello, 17, of Atlantic Highlands, a hammer was found that contained some skin and hair similar to Balabanow, according to documents released during Zarinsky`s 1975 trial for Calandriello`s murder.

Calandriello had also disappeared in 1969.

Calandriello`s body was never found, but a Monmouth County jury convicted Zarinsky of her murder and he died in state prison more than seven years ago. He was also suspected in the killings of at least three other girls in addition to Balabanow.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor`s Office maintained it never brought charges against Zarinsky for Balabanow`s homicide because there was not enough evidence. 

June 21, 2016

On November 26, 1964 the body of a man named Edward Daniel Garretson was found in the Delaware-Raritan Canal between the Rt. 287 bridge and the Calco Foot bridge. He died from injuries suffered from an apparent assault by unknown assailants.

He was reported missing by his wife four days prior to his body being found. It is believed that he was engaged in an argument with two men at his home on 19 Jackson St., South River prior to being reported missing.

If you have any information in regards to this murder please contact the Middlesex County CrimeStoppers.

June 21, 2016

On February 13, 1965 a mother and daughter Anne, 41, and Mae, 11, Rubenstein were found fatally stabbed in their home on 437 South Third Ave in Highland Park, NJ by an unknown assailant. They were both pronounced dead on arrival when authorities reached their home.

If you have any information in regards to this attack please contact the Middlesex County CrimeStoppers.

Article from NJ.com:

"It is something that has never really left the minds of anyone in our family," recalls Aviva LaGasse, Rubenstein’s niece. "It also really changed the innocence of Highland Park."

The slayings of 41-year-old Rubenstein and her 11-year-old daughter, Mae Rubenstein, were as senseless as they were brutal, authorities have said. They remain unsolved, despite getting a fresh review in the 46 years since they occurred.

"We are hopeful that, one day, evidence in the Rubenstein case will lead to an arrest," said James O’Neill, a spokesman for the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to police records and previously reported accounts of the Feb. 13, 1965, crime, Mae, a sixth-grader at the now-defunct Lafayette School, was alone in her parents’ home at 437 S. Third Ave. Her father, Robert, and brother, Elihu, were working at the Star Lumber Co. in town. Anne Rubenstein was food shopping.

Upon her return, Rubenstein found Mae, slashed in her own home. The mother confronted the attacker and, like her daughter, was savagely stabbed. The Middlesex County medical examiner determined Rubenstein was stabbed with a long-blade kitchen knife some 35 times. Mae suffered 15 stab wounds and her jugular vein was slashed.

Rubenstein’s body was discovered by Maurice Feller, her 9-year-old nephew and LaGasse’s brother, who came to the home to get a drink of water. She was lying in a pool of blood in the foyer, which showed signs of a desperate scuffle. Rubenstein was still wearing her heavy winter coat, and loaves of bread were scattered on the floor.

Alarmed by the scene, Feller ran to a neighbor who lived on the second floor of the building. After seeing the mother, she discovered Mae’s body in the kitchen and called police.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

No one has ever been labeled a suspect in the slayings. No weapon was ever found.

A motive or explanation of such a violent crime also has not been established, as investigators found no attempts of sexual assault or even robbery — with more than $100 that was in the house left behind.

The crime scene, according to LaGasse, was cleaned quickly to ease the shock for Robert Rubenstein, who died last year. Also, as part of Jewish tradition, the mother and daughter were buried within 24 hours of their deaths.

"I think now in terms of crime and investigations," LaGasse said. "I don’t think there’s any way a crime would be cleaned so quickly."

There have been theories, LaGasse said. She cited one rumor it was a case of mistaken identity, that the killer happened upon the wrong family.

There have also been efforts by authorities to keep the case alive, even in recent years. In 2005, LaGasse said, she was queried by Highland Park Police because they were close to bringing someone in for questioning.

Apparently, however, nothing came of it. Her calls to Highland Police after their initial contact went unanswered. Highland Park Capt. Scott Golden said he could not comment on LaGasse’s contention because the detective who approached her is on sick leave.

The county prosecutor’s office said it continues to review the case.

"The investigation remains active," O’Neill said. "We believe that the person who killed Ms. Rubenstein and her daughter made some mistakes that have been helpful to investigators."

June 20, 2016

On the evening of January 1, 1976, a man named William Andrews was assaulted by an unknown assailant on the corner of Redmond street and Joyce Kilmer Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ. He was rushed to Middlesex General Hospital where he was pronounced dead due to injuries sustained during the attack at 8:37 PM.

The victim was walking with a friend at the time of the assault and is not believed to have known his attacker.

If you have any information in regards to this murder please contact Middlesex County CrimeStoppers.

June 16, 2016

On the evening of July 31, 1962 Warren G. Harmor, age 56, was walking back to his home from a liquor store in the Kingston section of South Brunswick Township when he was attacked. The purpose of the mugging was to obtain two bottles of wine, and Harmor was found lying in front of the Kingston firehouse shortly afterwards.

Harmor was taken home after the incident, but had to be rushed to Princeton Hospital the next morning where he died six days later on August 6, 1962.

If you have any information regarding this murder please contact the Middlesex County Crimestoppers.

Article from The Daily Home News on March 9, 1963:

Admits Kingston Killing


SOUTH BRUNSWICK — State police of the Princeton barracks said today they have obtained an admission in the fatal mugging of a Kingston man last August.

Howard W. Titus, 21, formerly of the Little Rocky Hill section along Route 27 here and now of Brooklyn, admitted the attack, a state police detective said.

Died in Hospital

Warren G. Harmor, 56, of 21 Heathcote Road, died in Princeton Hospital six days after the mugging. He was a former Marine master sergeant.

Harmor was on his way home from a Kingston liquor store when the attack took place as he walked by the Kingston firehouse. What was the mugging`s purpose?

"For the purpose of obtaining two bottles of wine," state police said.

Titus and John K. Alston, 25, no address available, were arrested in New York City on a robbery charge.

New York detectives said the two admitted they were wanted in a breaking and entering case in Elizabeth, and that a check with authorities there indicated they were wanted in the fatal mugging.

Not Involved

But state police said Alston does not appear to have been involved. Police, who obtained a signed statement of admission from Titus, said the mugging is still under investigation.

Harmor died in the hospital after undergoing brain surgery. On the night of the attack police found Harmor in a state of shock. He was given first aid and taken to his home.

The next day his family found him unconscious and he was hospitalized.

Police Chief Fred Holsten said at the time of the attack that "nothing other than the wine was taken." Harmor had two bottles of French table wine.

Spotted at Scene

Titus and Alston were charged with the armed robbery of a Brooklyn drug store Thursday night after they were picked up by patrolmen who spotted them hurrying from the scene.

State police said procedures for bringing Titus to Middlesex County to face charges in connection with the fatal mugging have not yet been decided upon. Meanwhile, Titus remains in custody of New York authorities, who are holding him on about five charges," state police said.


June 14, 2016

On April 29, 2003 at approximately 12 AM, George Lopez was assaulted at his home on Florida Grove Road in the City of Perth Amboy. Lopez was taken to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital where he was pronounced dead about 2 hours later due to his injuries.

Lopez had been answering the door when he was assaulted. The suspect is described as wearing a blue baseball cap and a blue t-shirt.

If you have any information regarding this homicide please contact the Middlesex Country Crime Stoppers.

Original Article from the Star-Ledger:

P. Amboy man shot to death answering door Police believe victim was targeted by killer


George Lopez had just returned to his home on Florida Grove Road in Perth Amboy when someone rang the front door bell. A man in a dark hood on the other side of the door greeted Lopez by firing three shots through the closed storm door, striking the 30-year-old man in the chest shortly after midnight yesterday, according to police and relatives. Rescue workers airlifted Lopez to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, where he died at 1:40 a.m.


Middlesex County authorities said they have no suspect or motive for the slaying, but said it appeared Lopez had been targeted by his killer. The victim, whom relatives said was devoted to caring for his quadriplegic brother, completed parole last month after serving nearly eight years of a 12-year sentence for robbery. He also was awaiting trial on charges of causing a drunken-driving crash that killed a Cranford man in South Plainfield.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan said police were certain there was no connection between the slaying and the drunk-driving charges, but he declined to say how authorities reached that conclusion. Police also were equally sure Lopez was not the victim of a random act. "It appears that Mr. Lopez was the intended victim of the shooting, " the prosecutor said at an afternoon news conference in New Brunswick.

Lopez`s relatives said the man had been at JFK Medical Center earlier in the evening, seeking treatment of back pain, and had returned home sometime after 11:30 p.m. Monday with his girlfriend, who was not identified. "There must have been somebody waiting outside, " said Lopez`s stepfather, Carmello Valentin. "How would they know he was at the hospital?" Lopez told his stepfather and his mother, Francisa Valentin, he would be home about 11:30 p.m. Monday to care for his brother, Richard Lopez, as he usually did at night. The parents went to sleep about 11:30 p.m., and Lopez came home with his girlfriend. Moments later, Lopez answered the door and was shot three times, Valentin said. He said the gunman shot Lopez in both sides and just below the waist. Valentin said he was awakened by the girlfriend`s screams. "They shot him. They shot my boyfriend, " he recalled the woman saying. The shots shattered the glass in the storm door. The decorative window to the front door was marred by a bullet hole.

The girlfriend could only describe the gunman as wearing a dark hooded sweat shirt that covered most of his face, Valentin said. "The only person who could have seen him was (George), " the stepfather said.

Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor Nicholas Sewitch said Lopez was charged with aggravated manslaughter after police alleged he was intoxicated when he ran a red light Oct. 19, 2001, and killed Richard Spence, 50, of Cranford at New Market Road and Hamilton Boulevard in South Plainfield. Sewitch said no trial date had been set for Lopez, who also was charged with carrying a small quantity of cocaine. The assistant prosecutor said cocaine was not a contributing factor to the crash.

Lopez had been on parole for the robbery at the time of the crash and returned to prison. He was paroled a second time July 22, 2002, according to state corrections department records. He was born in Perth Amboy and was a lifelong resident of the city. He had formerly been employed at the J.M. Huber Corp. of Edison, where he had worked with his brother and stepfather.


June 13, 2016

On February 25, 1982 at 8:35 AM an explosion killed Andrew and Patricia Puskas in their home at 182 First Street in the Township of Middlesex.

The explosion was caused by a bomb disguised as a package on the Puskas front porch. Before the device detonated one of the couple`s children was able to identify it as containing two blue glass bottles. Pieces of blue glass were later found at the scene and the Middlesex County Prosecutor`s Office needs your help identifying it. A flyer with the glass`s detailed description is below.

If you have any information about this double homicide or the glass found at the scene please contact the Middlesex County Crimestoppers.

New York Times article from 1982

Original Police Flyer:


June 09, 2016

On July 25, 1999, the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) was notified that Julio Cesar Tello had been assaulted by unknown assailants in front of 315 Handy street and transported by ambulance to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where he was pronounced dead due to multiple injuries sustained during the attack. He was 21 years old at the time.

The NBPD received the original call of an injured man down on the sidewalk at approximately 3:59 a.m. this same date, from neighbors who had either seen or heard the assault and observed Tello lying on the sidewalk bleeding. The NBPD immediately initiated an emergency response.

The victim is believed to have engaged in an altercation with three of four other males prior to the attack.

If you have any information in regards to this attack please contact the Middlesex County Crimestoppers.

June 09, 2016

On August 27, 1994 at 1:16 PM a woman`s body was found in the area behind the rear parking lot of the Siemens Corporation in the Iselin section of Woodbridge Township. After an autopsy was conducted it was determined that she was the victim of a Homicide. The victim was identified by fingerprints to be 38 year old Perth Amboy native Marilyn Ramirez. The autopsy determined that she died from multiple stab wounds.

Ramirez lived on Huntington Street in Perth Amboy and was last seen outside her apartment arguing with an unknown male at around 11 PM on Friday, August 26, 1994.

If you have any information about this murder please contact Middlesex County Crimestoppers.

September 18, 2014

On March 4, 1994 at approximately 7:05 PM, Irwin Edelman, the owner of Acme Check Cashing, located at 1259 Route 1 South, Edison, NJ , was outside of the store and was attempting to close the outdoor security gate.  While outside, Mr. Edelman was approached by the suspect, an unknown male, described as being approximately 6’2, thin to medium build, wearing a black ski mask, dark clothing, and had a dark colored handgun in his hand.  The suspect then encountered another individual from the store and  fired his gun multiple times and  fled the scene.  Mr. Edelman was struck and eventually died from his injuries.

Date: 1994/03/06 Sunday Page: Section: NEWS Edition: FINAL Size: 0 words


The 72-year-old owner of a check cashing business in Edison died yesterday from a gunshot wound he suffered in a botched holdup, authorities said. Irwin Edelman of West Orange, owner of Acme Check Cashing, died at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen, said Middlesex County Prosecutor Robert W. Gluck. The shooting occurred at 7 p.m. Friday when Edelman was confronted outside the establishment by a masked gunman during closing, Gluck said. When the assailant could not gain entry, he fired five shots, one striking the businessman.

An off-duty Edison police officer and two employees were inside at the time of the shooting, but none were injured, the prosecutor said. Authorities have no suspect.


April 28, 2014


On Thursday morning June 10, 2004 Antonio Reyes was working in the wharehouse area of a business located at 120 Jersey Avenue in New Brunswick by himself.  At approximately 7:30AM Reyes ran toward the office area of the building and collapsed from a stab wound.  Reyes was found by others working in the building.  Reyes later died from his injuries.

Stabbing death remains a mystery


The morning of June 10 started as a typical day for Antonio Reyes, a hardworking father of two who got up early, went to a warehouse to open the place, and began his job as a forklift operator.

But 45 minutes after he arrived at work, Middlesex County authorities said, office workers in a neighboring company heard him scream and ran to find the 35-year-old New Brunswick man lying on the floor, bleeding.

Rescue workers rushed Reyes to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, where he died from stab wounds to the back, authorities said.

Why Reyes was killed remains a mystery, according to police, who say they have no motive or suspects.

`We can`t say whether it (the slaying) was random or (was committed by) someone knew him," said Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor Thomas Kapsak, who oversees homicide investigations in the county. "We can`t eliminate any of those possibilities. We`re looking at everything."

"It`s a very difficult case, and we have made substantial progress, but I can`t say we`re close to an arrest," he added.

Police began an investigation after being dispatched at 7:29 a.m. on June 10 to the Raritan Container Co. on Jersey Avenue.

When they arrived, Reyes was lying on the floor. Several office workers stood around him. Kapsak said Reyes spoke to his rescuers, but did not describe his assailant. The prosecuting attorney has declined to reveal what the victim said.

A trail of blood from the victim to the seat of his forklift, which was still running, suggested someone sneaked up behind Reyes and stabbed him in the back, authorities said. The number of stab wounds has not been disclosed.

Police also said it did not appear the victim had been robbed.

Authorities would not say if there was anything in Reyes` past that may have contributed to the slaying, such as an argument or an old debt, but they said he had no criminal record.


May 09, 2013

Crime Stoppers of Middlesex County Inc. is offering rewards for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the death of an 84-year-old East Brunswick woman, killed in her home, four years ago.

Middlesex County acting Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey and Anthony Caputo, chairman of Crime Stoppers in the county, said today the rewards are in addition to the $2,500 reward being offered by Ellen Elfstrom’s family.

The amount of the rewards has yet to be decided by the Crime Stoppers board, according to James O’Neill, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.

Elfstrom was found dead in her home on May 1, 2009 by East Brunswick police who were called to the home on Lee Street by a neighbor who said the woman, who lived alone, had not been seen for several days.

An autopsy determined she died from blunt force trauma. Authorities said she was murdered.

Neighbors described her at the time as a recluse who never left her home and depended on them to look out for her.

Some neighbors brought her food on holidays. Others cut her grass and removed snow from her sidewalks.

Elfstrom was divorced and had been alone in the house for more than 20 years, according to neighbors. She had a daughter who lived out of state and she spoke of a son and brothers, but neighbors said they never saw them at her house.

Police continue to investigate the homicide and regularly review information in the case, but no arrests have been made, Carey said.

People with information on the case may contact Crime Stoppers of Middlesex County Inc. anonymously by calling 1-800-939-9600, or by going on the website at: MiddlesexTips.com. Text messages may be sent to text: 274637 with keyword “midtip” followed by a message.

Anyone with information is also urged to call East Brunswick police Detective Guinee at  (732) 390-6900 or county Investigator Ryan Tighe at (732) 745-3300.


September 14, 2012

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The Middlesex County Prosecutors Office and the North Brunswick Police Department need your help identifying the person or persons responsible for the death of Gail Hariton.  Gail was found in her apartment located on Pardun Road in North Brunswick on May 8, 2000 after the landlord went and checked on her since she had not been seen by a neighbor for a few days. It was determined that Gail was the  victim of a homicide.   It was determined that Gail had been stabbed several times by an unknown suspect.  The prosecutors office and the police department need your help in solving this crime.

A special reward of 10,000.00 for information leading to an arrest has been raised by the New Brunswick High School Class of 1958.  


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